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Magento tutorials are lacking, as are Magento examples and Magento blogs. This being the case, we started this site to help any/all Magento developers to be more proficient in Magento coding, we wanted to put out a brief list of sites that offer the same type of help.

Quite obviously, the best is, but there are other sites that are quite helpful and should be subscribed to via their RSS feeds. In no particular order:

  • Inchoo - This shop is looking to get your business by showing that they are wizards in the land of Magento. By the looks of their blog (including tons of examples) they definitely know what they are doing. They update their blog daily and the blog entries are quick reads with fresh ideas. Subscribe to their feed.
  • Alan Storm - This guy is a consultant, but an active member of the Magento community. His commercial contribution to Magento, Commerce Bug, would be a great asset to ANY Magento developer. His blog posts are also full of code and useful tidbits of information that anyone can benefit from. Subscribe to his feed.
  • Active Codeline - This is kind of cheating since Branko Ajzele also works for Inchoo, but he provides such good content, we had to list Active Codeline too. Branko Ajzele is also an active voice in the Magento community (at least in Twitter land), and provides fresh ways of looking at the things we take for granted in Magento. Follow his feed.
  • Classy Llama Studios Classy Llama is another consulting/design firm that works with Magento. The blog posts are "kinda" useful and worth subscribing to. I couldn't find an RSS feed, so you will just have to remember to check out the site every now and then.
  • StackOverflow - This is kind of a weird one to add, but there have been a few times that I have found some helpful nuggets on this site. Keep an eye out for it on your Google results.
  • Magento Forums / Wiki - Although there is a lot of ruckus around the lack of documentation for Magento, the community tends to pick up a lot of that load. I find it helpful to subscribe to the Programming Questions forum and to try to answer the questions there. It sharpens my skills and helps other out. I would highly recommend that you do the same. If you are a noob, then use that resource to gain some knowledge from people that have "been where you are".

If you want to be added to our brief list, and have an active blog, use our super convenient Contact Us form to let us know who you are.

Posted by Ben Robie

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  1. Great blog!! Keep it up. :)

  2. This blog really gives good information. It is very helpful and great blog.

  3. Really helpful ..also plz write about creating custom modules in magento ..

  4. Magento Tutorials missing, and examples of Magento and blogs. This being the case, we started this site to help any / all Magento developers to become more competent in coding Magento, we wanted to put a short list of sites offering the same kind of help.

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